Twiggy is a 'mobile widget'

Twiggy is a simple mobile widget that allows you to search Twitter, right from your phone. You can download and run the widget on many phones, including Nokia S60 phones.

A mobile what?

A mobile widget is a simple web application, built entirely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, that can be downloaded and run on a phone - much like an application. The exciting thing is that web developers and designers,who have no knowledge of creating mobile applications (Java?!) can easily build these widgets.

If you want to learn how to build one, you can read all about it (it's easy) or head over to Betavine Widget Zone, where they have a ton of resources.

Download Twiggy

If you want to give Twiggy a try, you can download her now. To use Twiggy, you'll need to use Opera or any Nokia S60 phone.

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